66th Ted Haydon Holiday Classic
Saturday, December 15th

Registration is Closed

No Day of Meet Registration


Registration closed at 8 p.m. CST on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Entry Fees: $10 per individual event

  2. ALL entries must be made online.

Entries Online through Direct Athletics:

  • Please use seed times or distances so that meaningful heats/flights can be set up.
  • If you don't know a 60m seed time for an individual, 0.6 times a 100m time is a good estimate.
  • For field events, please enter heights/distances in FEET AND INCHES.
  • The website allows you to see your entries and performance lists, so please check them carefully. We can't adjust them on the day of the meet.
  • To enter online, click HERE:


View the 2018 Heat Sheets

Waivers Required:

USATF requires that each athlete sign (or have a parent or guardian sign) a waiver form. There are two forms: over 18 years old and under 18 years old. Please use the appropriate one. The waiver is linked here. Coaches: If you have authority to sign for your athletes download and sign the youth waiver, add your team's name and staple roster to it. Please bring it with you to the meet.

*Please bring your completed waiver with you to the meet.

Additional Information:

  1. There will be two mens hurdle races (39 and 42 inch). On the DirectAthletics website, they are identified as Boys (=39'') and Mens (=42''). There are no age requirements for either race, but you must enter one or the other. Switching on day-of-meet will not be possible. For women, 33 inch only. If there is only one trial heat of an event, that hurdle event will be run as a straight final at the scheduled time of the final.
  2. Wear 1/4 inch pyramids or Xmas tree spikes only. No needle spikes and nothing longer than 1/4inch.
  3. Weight events: bring your own implement. Indoor implements only.
  4. Pole vault warmup starts with women at 10:00 AM.
  5. There will be a designated "picnic room" on the first floor in which you are invited to bring your own snacks and drinks. Food and drinks (except bottled water) are not permitted in other parts of the Henry Crown Field House.
  6. Long Jump Triple Jump: 4 Jumps/ No Finals

66th Ted Haydon Holiday Classic
Saturday, December 15, 2018

Time Schedule / Order of Events

  • Building will open at 8 AM
  • Pole Vault warmup begins at 10:00 AM. Starting height: W:8', M:11'
  • 60m dash and hurdle trials will begin at 9:00 AM
  • The rest of the running events will begin at 11:00 AM with the 4x200 relay(W). Thereafter, events will run on a rolling time schedule in the order listed.
  • We expect to finish at about 4:30 PM
  • Spectator Entry Fee $5.00


8:30am 20lb weight (W)
(to follow WWT) 35lb weight(M)
(to follow MWT) Shot put (W)
(to follow WSP) Shot put (M)
9:00am (WARM-UPS:  8:30am) Long jump (M)
(to follow MLJ) Long jump (W)
(to follow WLJ) Triple jump (M)
(to follow MTJ) Triple jump (W)
10:00am (WARM-UPS: 9:30am) High jump (W)
(to follow WHJ) High jump (M)
11:00am  Pole vault (W)
(to follow WPV) Pole vault (M)
9:00am 60m Hurdle trials (W)
  60m Hurdle trials (39 inch) (Boys)
  60m Hurdle trials (42 inch ) (Men)
  Triumph! Only 60m (youth, Autism Spectrum, co-ed)
  60m Dash trials (W)
  60m Dash trials (M)
11:00am 4x200m relay (W)
  4x200m relay (M)
  Patrick Palmer Mile (W)
  Patrick Palmer Mile (M)
  400m run (W)
  400m run (M)
  Ernest Billups 800m run (W)
  Ernest Billups 800m run (M)
  60m finals (W)
  60m finals (M)
  60m hurdle finals (42 inch) (M)
  60m hurdle finals (39 inch) (M)
  60m hurdle finals (W)
  200m dash (W)
  200m dash (M)
  3200 (W)
  3200 (M)
  4x400m relay (W)
  4x400m relay (M)
Event Men's Records Women's Records
Mark Name (Affiliation) Year Mark Name (Affiliation) Year
Pole vault 17' 1 1/4" Brian Carrel (unatt.) 1997 13' 5'' Sue DeNigris (WAWD) 2004
Long jump 25' 8" Gabriel Lessor (Chi. State) 1991 19' 7 1/4" Kim Smith (DePaul) 2000
35/20 lb weight 66' 9.25'' Stephen Bartholomew (unatt.) 2010 74' 5 3/4'' Erin Gilreath (NYAC) 2004
Shot put 65' 11" George Woods (Pac. Coast TC) 1971 54' 11 1/2" Maren Seidler (MDYF) 1974
High Jump 7' 2" Major Clay (unatt.) 2011 5' 9" Mary Swenson (Fox Valley TC) 1978
Triple jump 52' 6.75" Fabian Florant (O.F.F. Track) 2010 39' 5.25" Idara Essien (unatt.) 2007
55m dash 6.19 Ryan Shields (O.F.F. Track) 2009 6.94 Aaliyah Brown (Illinois Elite) 2012
Jada Martin (Sprint Athletics) 2012
55m Hurdles 7.0* Willie Davenport (Baton Rouge TC) 1974 7.74 Tamika Robinson (unatt.) 2012
& Franklin (Chi. State TC) 1985
200m dash 21.40 Dave Dopek (unatt.) 1999 24.30 Felicia Brown (Sprint Athletics TC) 2011
400m run 46.4 Ken Lowery (Chi. State TC) 1986 54.8* Shiela Ingram (Pioneer AC) 1971
800m run 1:49.6 Marcus Sanders (Atlantic Coast TC) 1986 2:11.3* Kathy Hall (WSTC) 1976
Mile run 4:05.5 Dan Henderson (UCTC) 1983 4:39.1 Sheila Fagen (Marquette) 1995
2 Mile run 8:49.5 Pat Mandera (Indiana) 1973 10:15.2* Jenny Crain (unatt.) 1998
4x200m relay 1:30.11 O.F.F. Track 2010 1:40.54 Sprint Athletics TC 2011
4x400m relay 3:17.1 Chi. State TC 1988 3:58.73 Marquette 1999



The University of Chicago Track Club

Description of Activities

The University of Chicago Track Club Holiday Meet was founded in 1953 when coach Edward  "Ted" Haydon organized an indoor meet for his growing club and for other Chicago-area track and field athletes home for Christmas. The UCTC continues to sponsor a holiday track meet, now known as the Ted Haydon Classic, every December in the Henry Crown Field House on the University of Chicago campus. The UCTC strives to continue Ted Haydon's goal of promoting the sport of track and field by providing a club for active athletes, by putting on track meets, and by providing officials for track meets at all levels. In addition to the indoor Haydon meet, the UCTC organizes six summer all-comers track meets. These events are open to everyone. In recent years, the competitors have ranged from younger than 2 years to older than 70 years, and their abilities have ranged from complete novice to nationally-noted high school athletes. While the club occasionally sponsors a few elite athletes and is represented by some national champion masters runners as well as other adult runners of all abilities; in recent years, the UCTC has concentrated its energies on a growing youth program. Faced with limited opportunities for Chicago-area youngsters to compete in track and field, the UCTC attempts to fill this void by offering competitive opportunities and coaching. Youngsters compete locally, regionally, and nationally. This program relies heavily on parental support and requires that participants keep up with their schoolwork if they are to compete in a club uniform.